The Website Installer inside our Worldwide Hosting Web Control Panel provide you with a fast and easy way to start a brand new site with a custom design in under five minutes. It just takes merely a few basic steps for your website to be online. You’re able to select from over 200 available web templates and just as soon as it is prepared, you’ll be able to manage your brand–new website very easily. We’ll give you login info for the administrator’s area and you will be able to commence introducing brand new web pages right away. In case, at any time, you need assistance – Worldwide Hosting’s technical engineers can be found 24x7, able to aid you.

The Website Installer is accessible with every shared web hosting plans, VPS hosting plans, semi-dedicated plans, and dedicated web hosting plans package coming using the Worldwide Hosting Web Control Panel.

A Website Installation Tool For Everyone

Create a new website without having technical knowledge

The website installer bridges the space amongst technologically non–prepared end users and intricate website creation and design. Utilizing the tool, you do not need to possess any knowledge in HTML or CSS. You are going to simply need to select how your web site is going to appear like and click the installation button of the application. That’s all. Next, you will be able to feature completely new webpages and include your own personal images with simply a mouse click. No code to generate, no design and style to concentrate on. It’s all is addressed through the user–friendly tool in the backend and is executed in minutes.

If, for reasons unknown, you aren’t pleased with what you have come up with, you can anytime reverse the changes and start over.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

More than 200 Web Templates

More than two hundred web page templates are at hand

We have crafted more than 200 distinct templates that can be used to your web sites. As we haven’t ever introduced all these themes beyond Worldwide Hosting’s Web Control Panel, solely our users will be able to take advantage of them. The templates are cautiously designed to match many web sites – from personal blogs and portfolio sites to web shops and photo galleries.

We are constantly focusing on releasing brand–new templates at the same time.

200+ Free Templates

Get Hold of Us 24 hours for Help

The hosting support representatives are accessible 24x7x365

We’ve been in the website hosting marketplace for quite a while now and have a department of competent specialists to guide you with virtually any issue you might have with your site(s). Also, you’ll be able to reference Worldwide Hosting’s Commonly Asked Questions and the great set of step–by–step video tutorials that cover the frequently enquired queries and provide solutions to the most typical challenges. With the one–hour response time period guarantee that we reduce to 20 min’s in non–hectic hours, you’ll receive timely service at any time.

24/7 Support